Services We Provide

J. Verkade Nursery serves the public and community of
growers with education clinics and questions about old and
new growing methods.  You are invited to use this web site to
contact us, mail or phone.

Please view the current prices of our grafted plants; you are
also encouraged to inquire about pricing for plants not listed
on the price list.  Pricing is dependent on the availability of
rooting stock to graft on, plant stock available for scions, and
a total amount ordered for any particular variety.  Special
discounting may also be available.
Our services include:
If you have any questions about our price list, please feel free
to call or e-mail us.

Large and small orders are treated with the same respect and
receive the same attention to the needs of the grower.  There
are many older varieties of plants available from our old
nursery (Verkade’s Nurseries, Inc.) that are not easily found
today.  Over the years our family has introduced many new
plants to the growing industry that still continues today.  
Plant collectors are welcome.
The pictures shown in the above
link have an 8 foot ruler against
them to show you their size.
Please contact me
for quantity
discount and
custom grafting.