J. Verkade Nursery
Nursery Developments:
  • We're always introducing new plants into the market.
  • We have a small container operation.
  • Working to build a container operation that will
    eventually lead to field operation.
  • We have many mid- to specimen-sized trees available.
Our products are great for the environment; we are a
green industry
We've been in business for over 40 years
E-mail us if you have any questions - we'd love to hear
from you!
Company Overview

J. Verkade Nursery is located in the Musconetcong River
Valley, on an Old Lenape Indian site in the town of Asbury,
New Jersey. The Verkade family has been in the nursery
business for 8 generations and our tree-growing process has
been passed down from fathers to sons.
A Little About What We Do

  • Graft conifer and deciduous trees for collectors and
    wholesale market
  • Containers and field-grown plant material are available
    at limited quantities
Get in Touch with Us!

J. Verkade Nursery
43 Bloomsbury Road
Asbury, NJ 08802
Cell #: 908-343-4515
Fax #: 908-537-9083
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We recently received an order for 22 BIG trees and got some
great shots of the transfer process.
See them here ->>>
Big Trees on the Move!!!