About Our Business

Producer of:
•  Custom grafting
•  Grafted liners
•  Cutting liners
•  Containers
•  Field liners
•  Mature Field Specimen
•  Consulting, Preserving and Maintaining  

New Jersey Department of Agriculture - I am a recognized
dealer by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Division
of Plant Industry Certified Nurseries and Plant Dealers

Mission Statement: To propagate and grow vigorous plants
to benefit another generation.

Motto: Propagate, Grow, Benefit

The Verkade Tradition
I began in the business (Verkade’s Nurseries, Inc.) with my
grandparents and father at an early age (about 5-years-old)
and continued after 3 years of military service.  At one time,
our original glass greenhouses had more than half of the
greenhouse glass in the State of New Jersey.  In 1985, J.
Verkade Nursery purchased farm land in the Musconetcong
River Valley, Asbury, NJ.  

Since 1989, J. Verkade Nursery has been a producer of grafted
material for the wholesale growing market.

Leave a Legacy: "He plants trees to benefit another
generation." Caecilius Statius, 220-168 B.C.

Today, the J. Verkade Nursery is a small family business with
the benefit of many years of experience to draw on.  We
support the following annual education outreach projects:
• Future Farmers of America (F.F.A.) Warren County Farmers
Fair with field material for their show and fundraiser.
• Boy Scouts of America ‘Learning for Life’ program to educate
youth in local schools.
• Mercer County Community College adult education with
hands on grafting techniques and bench cultures.
The above image is the original Verkade nursery, located in Wayne, N.J.